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Financial Planners

Financial planners can best advise clients on how to save, invest and grow their money. With John Harding and Financial Services Associates, your interest always comes first. We recommend the options and the programs that are best suited for your interest and not for our bottom line.

Our firm specializes and practices in....

Retirement & Pension Planning

A pension plan is a retirement account that an employer maintains and that will give you fixed payouts when you retire. There are many alternatives to employer pension plans, including Private Pension Plans, which utilize Life Insurance as a funding vehicle, Tax Deferred Annuities and more.

To find out how to maximize a Guaranteed Lifetime Income that you can not outlive and your heirs will receive any remaining funds, give us a call today.

Life Insurance

People buy life insurance not because they have to, but because they love someone and want to take care of them. However, knowing what type of insurance is best for you and how much you need is a point of confusion for many people.

Term Life Insurance offers coverage for a specific number of years. It is often the most affordable form of life insurance for a short period of time and is frequently recommended for those who are healthy and under the age of 40.

Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance such as Whole Life Insurance or Universal Life Insurance are the more permanent types of life insurance where the premiums stay the same over the life of your policy and remains active until your death. Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance offers both a death benefit and a tax deferred cash value.

If you need or want life insurance or have questions about which type is best for you, how much do you need or how much should you get, how to assure a guaranteed lifetime income, or any other life insurance questions, give us a call today.